Savannah House office partitioning

Wallrite Quality Commitment - ISO 9001:2105

Wallrite Ltd has always aspired to be not the biggest but the best in our industry. We have always sought to provide a quality product that a client, architect or contractor would recognise as a high standard, well above average for our industry.

Our target is to secure the trust of the client and his team and by doing so obtain repeat business. We take a long-term view to our business relationships. We believe our quality is the way to achieve this with our attention to detail from the inception stage through to completion.

We are pleased to assist designers and contractors at any stage by advising on product selection and installation paying close attention on junctions, details and co-ordination with other works or components.

Our years of experience cover a broad spectrum of project types and problems from tight ceiling voids, design or cost constraints to multiple junctions. Our aim is to prove value for money to the design without compromising either the quality or aesthetics of the final product.

Wallrite are accredited with the internationally recognised ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Certification.