Audi Headquarters
Suspended Ceilings
Audi Headquarters
Glazed Partitions
Audi Headquarters
Draywall Partitions
Audi Headquarters
Audi Headquarters
GRG Nose Cone






Wilkinson Eyre & ATMB13


£1.8 Million

Audi Headquarters - Project details

The new Audi Building by the elevated section of the M4 at Brentford is the biggest of its kind in the world for the German Car manufacturer. Designed by Wilkinson Eyre this signature building of 19,000 sq m rises to seven storeys and includes three showroom floors capable of displaying as many as 116 cars.

The 2 basement levels have been given over to workshop and parking facilities while the top two floors designed by the Portuguese Architects ATMB13 ARQUITECTOS with striking curved and flat plasterboard expanses punctured by deep curved stairwells and view wells have become a business and creative complex.

The Exotic Manta Ray fish have provided the inspiration for the building’s curves and this has been carried through internally to the showroom ceilings using a combination of metal trapezoidal linear plank ceilings and rectangular chilled ceilings which makes use of the natural air flow though the expansive open plan areas to maximum effect.

The building also contains the characteristic WEA signature squiggle in the form of a profiled GRG nose cone to the mezzanine floor. The workshop areas and offices make use of plasterboard and differing coloured mineral fibre ceilings which contrast against the main showrooms.

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